1.) Overview:

Process Control System for up to 10 Autoclaves as Single-Scada Solution

WinCC®-Server / Client-Solution for up to 30 Autoclaves

Recipe Administration, Batch Logging, Machine Parameter Control

Programmed with Siemens WinCC®, Script Language VBS

Utilizes Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Generates all Reports with MSAccess 2007® as Front-End

Archives the completed Batch into a separate MSAccess® Data Base

Integration with your existing S7-System by experienced PLC-Programmers

Integration external data loggers



2.) The Solution:

Food-FactoryLine is especially designed to be the cost effective standard solution for batch and recipe management for sterilization. In order to assure reliable operation, WinCC® for visualization and communication with the control systems, Microsoft SQL-Servers for extensive process data, and the flexible report system of MSAccess® have been chosen.


3.) The Security:

Hotline support und software maintenance will permanently keep your management system up to date, and will minimize times of interruption. With updated WinCC® Software licenses, renewal of hardware und operating system after 3 - 5 years can be carried out on site fast and reliably.


4.) The Future:

FDA Certification regarding sterilization of your products will be secured when ordering the 3-years upgrade option to Medical-FactoryLine, which contains the WinCC® FDA-Options, the Simatic Logon Service, WinCC®/Audit, and an FDA compliant software documentation.


5.) The Technology

The software packages Food & Medical-FactoryLine are especially designed for recipe administration and batch logging in sterilization facilities. Compared with the complex and expensive solutions from other manufacturers, we offer optimized, cost effective solutions in the domains of sterilization and autoclaving.

Due to our specialization we can realize all requirements defined by production and quality assurance without compromising.

By using WinCC® V7.0 as a basis for visualization, linking to process data and operator administration, our products fit optimally into the IT- and business concepts from Siemens.

Therefore, the usability of present and future solutions based on WinCC® Server/Client, Redundancy and FDA-Options, is secured.

All scripts for our systems are generated on the existing Global Script VBS-Editor from WinCC®, and can be accessed at any time under password control for changes and error correction.


The Microsoft SQL-Server 2005© included in WinCC® contains the WinCC® data base as well as the specifically designed FactoryLine data base. This data base is optimized to fulfilling the requirements of FactoryLine, and enables us to rapidly access our data.

The application of MSAccess® as highly flexible report system for current and archived recipes and batch logs allows for optimized customization of reports and documentation according to customer requirements.


6.) External data loggers:

The integration of external data logger is supported by the subsequent acquisition of the data from the CSV file Ellab realized. The data can then in charge as curve or log table together with the data from the Factory Line are presented. The batch record now includes process data, recipes and equipment parameters, operator intervention and error messages and the results of Ellab measurement.


7.) The PLC-Coupling

The adaptation to different software structures and data formats is realized by using a specific PLC software module, which will be optimized by us to fit into the respective systems environment. In the original program only the error acknowledgement and the start enabling will be expanded, and a free space for a recipe is required for the download from the control system. By selecting the recipe number “Control System” at the control panel of the autoclave it will go online. Selecting other recipe numbers, offline operation is possible without restriction.


8.) The Price


In order to give you a qualified price offer, we need some information about the respective configuration:



Single PC Solution or


1 Server + x clients, alternatively


2 redundant servers + x clients


Office-PC (e.g. in closed control room), alternatively


 Industrial PC (if necessary)


Number and type of autoclaves


Type and manufacturer of PLC system used


Coupling with Profibus


 Coupling with Ethernet


Who will carry out the networking?

We will support you in answering the questions:


Instantly by phone: ++49 4342 764900


By e-Mail: info@laessig-industrietechnik.de


or ask for a visit



8.) Screenshots


Your new colleague in quality assurance

 the Food-FactoryLine

System configuration:


The system configuration can be optimized to suit your needs and your current budget period. Subsequent extension to provide additional / redundant computer / server, upgrade the WinCC licenses and migrate to future operating systems have been used for years by Siemens AG ensured.


Recipe Administration:


Input and administration of recipe number and recipe name

Unblocking of recipes for distinctive or for all units

Allocation of recipes to recipe groups:


Draft, Production, Recipe Copy


Archive, Service Recipe, Sample Recipe, QA-Test Recipe

Selection of cooking process:


Full-Water, Semi-Immersion, Sprinkler


Steam, Steam/Compressed Air


Activation of cooking process with monitoring of F-Value


Input of other parameters

Input of up to 20 program steps

Suppression of unused input boxes

Insertion or deletion of steps

Transfer of sample program data possible

Input and administration of product item number and name

Blocking and unblocking of specific products

Description text for each product

Distinct allocation of as many products as needed per recipe



The batch number can be assigned to each autoclave individually. If several autoclaves will sterilize the same batch, the consecutive charge number is assigned according to start time of cooking process.

The charge number may be composed as follows:


Batch name, Machine Number, Description


Recipe Number, Recipe Name, Product Number / Product Name


Date / Time, Consecutive Charge Number



Each batch will be generated with a unique identification:


Status ONLINE: the batch can be selected in the Download Manager


Status OFFLINE: the batch is currently not available for production


Status ARCHIVE: the batch will be transferred to discrete MSAccess® data base during next archiving run

Valve Overview:


The valve overview will be adapted to existing plant. Optionally manual operation of actuators may be activated.

Error Diagnosis:


ITo handle error and status messages, WinCC® provides different functions:


Status List, Short and Long Term Archives


Exclude List, Selection Dialogue, Status and Alarm Log

Externe Datenlogger:


The CSV file from Ellab by 3 clicks into the batch of data storage (cooking), and is used for the batch records used. The archiving is done automatically with the other values.

Current Cooking Process:


The process data of current charges will be acquired by WinCC® and presented in the Tag Logging as current or archive data.

For diagnosis purposes, temperature, pressure and rotational speed will be presented as graphs as well as externally measured values like steam pressure, cooling water temperature etc.

IThe chart utilizes the WinCC® functions:


Magnifying glass




Start / Stop function

Operator Administration:


The WinCC® functions are available, the authorizations of distinctive work groups and operators have to be defined and enabled by the quality assurance management.

Charge Reports:


Data for Charge Reports will be presented by MSAccess® as Front-End. Format and content of reports can be adapted easily according to the requirements of Quality Assurance.

Automated printout of all or only faulty charges can be specified.

After transfer of process data to a separate MSAccess® data base (Charge header, charge data, recipes, alarms, error messages, and externally measured values), or back up on CD/DVD or File Server, only MSAccess® is required for post processing.

Recipe Printout:


Recipe data will be presented by MSAccess® as Front-End. Format and content can be easily adapted to meet the requirements of QA.

Machine Parameter:  

Machine parameters will be administrated in 40 groups with 20 parameters per autoclave. 10 groups are allotted respectively for time values, general parameters, alarms, and controller. The groups can be copied and archived. Readout and takeover of actual values from SPC into data base is possible. When changes are made to groups used in production, an editor copy will be produced. The previous version will be stored as archive group, thus saving the old parameters.

Current and archived parameter groups are components of the respective charge data and will be transferred to the MSAccess® data base.
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